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5 Things I Learnt In 2014 | A Student Perspective

Hello 2015. A new year. A new opportunity. What did you learn?

They say good things come to those who wait. Personally, I don’t see it that way, I say good things come to those who have good karma and fight for what they want. 2014 has been a great year for me, but it’s now time to say goodbye to that and say hello to a new chapter.

2014 held a lot of life lessons for me, lets face it, life never stops teaching you. Sometimes the lessons come easy, other times they come in the harshest form possible.

I think one of the most important lessons I learnt was that I would have to be my own brand promoter. I wasn’t going to constantly have someone praise me and if you want something done, the best way to do it, is to do it! If you want a job, walk in there, promote yourself and get it! Don’t wait for someone to do it for you…or you’ll never get anywhere.

Time management skills are essential. I learnt this really well during finals week when I had to balance my time between studying and packing my suitcase so I could leave right after my last exam. Its one of those skills you will always need in life, from being able to balance out your College life, to being able to complete a project at work.

Procrastination doesn’t get you from A to Z, instead it gets you a permanent parking spot at point at A. I procrastinate a lot, (so much I wrote a whole post about it! >>) I think, and having a permanent spot with my name on it at point A isn’t really something to advertise. So I worked on slowly scrubbing off that blank ink and started to persevere, it got me my good grades. None of us really want to study for that test or finish off working on an assignment, but perseverance works, it gets you from A to B. Hard work pays off, I learnt this lesson after lesson in 2014, and it’s probably one of the best lessons I learnt. I learnt that there is no better feeling in life than working hard and earning your reward with just your name on it. And you know what? When you get it, shout about it. It’s yours and that’s something no one can ever take from you. To get somewhere in life, you need to persevere.

Responsibility can be both your best friend and your enemy. It can take you places and also be your ride down hill. Being responsible meant I could make the right choices during college life and learn the difference between black and white. No greys in between.

Lastly, I learnt to let go of all the bad and negative and focus on the good and positive. I learnt to have fun in every moment and embrace it.

Have fun and live your life. Each one of us has so much in life and a lot of the time we take things for granted, we also forget to live and enjoy every moment we have. It’s human nature.

To summarise:

1. Promote your self, don’t wait for someone else to.
2. Learn to manage your time.
3. Procrastinate less.
4. Be responsible for your self.
5. Accentuate the positive. More on that here >>

Okay bye.

Oh, here’s little something to help you with that last step:

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