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8 Apps To Help Students Stay Organised

8 Apps To Help Students Stay Organised

Organise – verb. To put in order, to categorise, put straight, sort, sort out. Something a lot of students struggle to do so.

Remedy? Here you go:

1. iStudiezPro
iStudiezPro helps you stay organised in every part of your student life, from social outings to your classes and assignments. Get the iStudiez App >

2. Remember the Milk
You know those days when you need to remember to pick things up from the grocery store? Well this App is your reminder for it, it works according to where you are and your location. It’s not just a shopping list though, you can collate all your tasks into one place and add (a very satisfying tick) when you complete them! Get Remember the Milk app >

3. Quizlet
This is one of my favourite apps on this list, it allows you to make flashcards categorised according to topics. You can study anywhere and don’t even need to be connected to the internet, and it’s FREE! Get the Quizlet app >

4. DropBox
Here is an app that requires little explanation. Dropbox allows you to upload all your documents onto the cloud server and then you can access them on all of your devices. Simple. Once you sign up you get 2GB of free space and you can ‘earn’ an additional 16GB by inviting your friends! Get Dropbox >

5. PlannerPlus
PlannerPlus probably one of the most expensive Apps for students but, it offers a lot of cool features. PlannerPlus has different levels of sub planning, so you can really customise it to suit your needs. If your course is one that has multiple component subjects and you’re someone who really wants to stay organised, this App is probably for you. You can manage your tasks, calendars and to-do lists all in one place. (Price $10.99) Get Planner Plus >

6. ToDoMatrix
TodoMatrix allows you to organise your to-do list into different folders. However, you can only have 30 tasks stored on it, in the aim to make you focus on only those tasks, once you achieve them you can add more. That’s motivation for me! Get ToDoMatrix >

7. Snap2PDF
We all need this App! All of us have been a victim of multiple papers around our desk and we all take snapshots of our documents, well Snap2PDF has the ability to convert your snapshot into a PDF document. Say goodbye to the hundreds of papers lying around and take control of your digital memory! Get Snap2PDF >

8. WolframAlpha
Want to find out the size of the moon? This App can calculate it for you. Or maybe you just need to work out the derivative of a hard problem? This App can do that too. It used to cost $49.99 but now its gone down to $1.99. Get the WolframAlpha app >

There are literally zillions of Apps out there that can help each one you stay organised and its impossible to put them all onto one list, but hopefully this short selection helps you organise your student life a little bit better. After all, time saved studying is time spent elsewhere!

Good Luck 🙂

Okay bye.

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