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Andrew Crevald, Curtin College Director & Principal

Andrew Crevald

Director and Principal

My role as College Director and Principal involves planning for the College’s future including programs, students, staff, facilities, and Government registration.

My favourite part of the day is dawn – on a beach, a bike or a golf course – but being on campus engaged in Curtin focussed learning is good too.

Ian-James Curtin College Academic Director

Dr Rachel Mahncke

Academic Director

My role as Academic Director is to ensure that all the academic programs that the College runs are delivered to the highest possible standard. My responsibilities include ensuring that we have a qualified and enthusiastic lecturer for every unit, adequate teaching spaces and a timetable that allows students to choose the combination of units that they need in order to complete their course. I chair the Board of Examiners which confirms for every student, their academic condition and eventual graduation. I work in partnership with Curtin University to try to achieve the best possible student experience from our location on the Bentley campus.

Lea-Marlow Director, Quality and Student Services at Curtin College

Lea Marlow

Director of Quality and Student Services

As director of Quality and Student Services there are various facets to my role, the main aspects are to ensure the College complies with its regulatory obligations. This role also incorporates Academic and Student Services, which includes reception, orientation, graduation, student advisory and student experience and the teams that carry out these functions. My favourite part of the day is when I take my dog for a walk or go to the gym because I can zone out during this time.

Randy De Guzman Director of Finance & Administration at Curtin College

Randy de Guzman

Director of Finance & Administration

As the Director of Finance and Administration, I oversee the finance function of the College and ensure that I have a firm grip of the College’s finances, an understanding of what drives financial outcome and reliably provide information to our various stakeholders in terms that are easily understood particularly by non-finance persons.

Pankaj Pathak Director of Marketing and Admissions Curtin College

Pankaj Pathak

Director of Marketing & Admissions

I am responsible for the development, implementation and evaluation of marketing campaigns and strategies, utilising both digital and traditional methods. I manage the College’s marketing budget and manage relationships in both the local and international market.

My favourite part of my job is travelling the world and meeting potential students and parents from diverse backgrounds and cultures. I look forward to welcoming you to the College!

Fleur-Van-Den-Heuvel Admissions Manager at Curtin College

Fleur Van Den Heuvel

Admissions Manager

I am the Admissions Manager and oversee all new International and Domestic applications to Curtin College.

Veronika Fitzgerald Student Liaison at Curtin College

Veronika Fitzgerald

Marketing Manager

My role is to help students who enquire about studying at Curtin College and Curtin University. This involves counselling students in person, by phone or email and answering any questions they might have about their desired course, our College, Curtin University or life in Perth. I also keep in touch with agents as many students apply to us through a representative in their country. I look after students coming from North Asia, particularly from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea and Japan. I used to study in China and can speak Mandarin. Please feel free to contact me with any question you might have about your studies with us. I am very passionate about my work and I will help as much as I can. See you soon in Perth!

Kooi Duan Beh Marketing Manager at Curtin College

Kooi Duan Beh

Marketing Manager

My role involves tending to student enquiries and applications, providing information about courses and bursaries. I also support our agents and representatives in the South East Asia Region. Being able to speak a number of different languages including English, Bahasa, Mandarin and other Chinese dialects, I can assist students from diverse backgrounds with different needs. Feel free to speak to me if you need any information regarding Curtin College or advice on choosing the right course to study. I look forward to seeing you at Curtin!

Pooja Chhabra Marketing Manager at Curtin College

Pooja Chhabra

Marketing Manager

Hello I am Pooja, Marketing Manager for Australia and South Asia region at Curtin College. My role is to assist students for any type of admission and course queries. My role also involves developing a strong working relationship with agents to facilitate positive outcome for student recruitment and maximise E-marketing campaign via various platforms.

Fern-Nicholson Senior Student Services Officer Curtin College

Fern Nicholson

Senior Student Services Officer

Primarily my role at Curtin College is to look after the Student Services Team, including our front desk customer service staff. We manage contract renewals, ID and access cards for both staff and students and assist our students with enquiries, timetables, payments, fees and appointments. I also work with the Student Advisory Team in providing students with unit advice, timetabling and personal counselling.

Outside of Curtin College I actively work in the film and tv industry as a lecturer in screen performance but don’t hold that against me!

David-Missal Student Experience and Advisory Officer Curtin College

David Missal

Student Experience and Advisory Officer

I organise the Orientation and Graduation events at Curtin College, so I get to welcome all the new students on their first day, and congratulate them on their last. I also manage the Student Mentors and organise the social calendar (all the fun stuff) at the College. On top of that, I am a Student Advisor, working with students who have questions about their studies.

The best part of my day is any time I get to talk to students about their lives and help them as they work toward their goals at Curtin College and beyond.

Tess-Hankinson Senior Admissions Officer Curtin College

Tess Hankinson

Admissions and Recruitment Officer

I’m Tess Hankinson, Admissions and Recruitment Officer at Curtin College and I assist in assessing applications and confirming student’s acceptance into the College. My favourite part of Admissions is getting to meet students at orientation day after helping them to receive an offer with the College.

Shen Gan Admissions Officer at Curtin College

Shen Gan

Admissions and Recruitment Officer

Hello, I am Shen, an Admissions and Recruitment Officer at Curtin College.

My role involves processing and assessing applications based upon standards and qualities that are aligned with domestic and international requirements for Curtin College’s admission procedures.

Working closely with the Marketing team and as part of the Admissions team, I also enjoy meeting with and assisting prospective students and agents/counselors.

Heidi Student Services Officer at Curtin College

Heidi Serong

Student Services Officer

My role as a Student Services Officer is to assist you with a variety or enquires relating to study and life as a student here in Perth. As a Curtin College graduate, I am very passionate about the College. I warmly welcome you to Curtin College.