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Imran Khalid

Program Coordinator | Engineering & IT

Imran-Khalid Program Coordinator Engineering and IT at Curtin College

What is your role at Curtin College?

The focal point of my role as Program Coordinator (Engineering & IT) at Curtin College is ensuring the delivery of best teaching practises that are suited for students at the college. In addition, the role incorporates the day to day management of students and teaching staff.

What do you like most about your role?

Helping students with their journey to become professionals in their respective fields. It gives me great gratification to know that I have made some contribution to students’ quest of achieving their academic dream.

How would you describe your teaching style?

My teaching focuses on delivering the basic concepts to the students. It encourages students to work collaboratively and share their ideas ensuring the gain of an in-depth understanding of the thought process (knowledge) for solving an engineering problem.

Where else have you worked?

In addition to working in academic sector, I have worked in Mineral Processing, Engineering Design and Financial sector.

What’s your academic bound?

B.Sc (Chemical Engineering); M.Sc (Chemical Engineering) & M.Phil (Chemical Engineering)

Imran Khalid

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