Conditions of Enrolment

These Conditions of Enrolment are indicative and provided to overseas applicants for information purposes only. These Conditions of Enrolment do not constitute a binding Agreement. Successful applicants will receive the Terms of Offer which, together with the Letter of Offer and Acceptance of Offer, form a binding Agreement between Curtin College and the recipient of a Curtin College Letter of Offer.



  1. The availability of a complaints and appeals process, does not remove the right of the student to take action under Australia's consumer protection laws. Overseas students may access appeals advice and dispute resolution services through the Department of Education Services. For more information visit Department of Education Services
  2. These Enrolment Conditions and the final Terms of Offer may be subject to variation as necessary to comply with any Australian Commonwealth or State law, regulation or amendment thereof.
  3. The College's responsibilities to the student pertain only to the Curtin College course outlined in the Letter of Offer. Further agreements must be signed with Curtin University for courses offered by and studied at that institution.
  4. All conditions and special notes contained in a Letter of Offer must be met and/or agreed to prior to Curtin College issuing a Confirmation of Enrolment.
  5. Students must meet the minimum English language proficiency requirement, as stated on the Letter of Offer, for entry into the course. English Language proficiency may be tested as part of the application process. Where the test reveals that the English language skills are insufficient, at the discretion of Curtin College, students will be required to undertake an additional (free) English Development Programme (EDP) in their first trimester/semester of study; a Tertiary Communications Skills unit in the first trimester/semester of study (chargeable) or enrol in an ELICOS course prior to the commencement of the Curtin College course.
  6. Attendance at orientation is compulsory; therefore International students must ensure a relevant visa is issued in time to attend orientation. Special permission must be sought for non-attendance at orientation.
  7. Students are expected to attend all classes and undertake all tests and examinations during a course and must abide by all rules and regulations of Curtin College that are in force at the time of their enrolment.
  8. Curtin College may use its discretion to temporarily suspend the enrolment of a student on the grounds of misbehavior by the student or on grounds of compassionate or compelling circumstances.
  9. International students are protected by the Education Services for Overseas Students (ESOS) legislative framework at:
  10. Current (enrolled) students are required to notify Curtin College in writing or online of a change of address.
  11. In the event of circumstances requiring urgent medical care and where it is not possible to contact the parent/guardian, Curtin College is authorised as a matter of urgency to seek and provide appropriate medical care.
  12. Internet Usage - Students will require access to the World Wide Web and this access may be both supervised and non-supervised. It is a requirement of the College's internet provider (AARNet) that students under the age of 18 have parental or legal guardian permission to access campus internet. Minors who have not provided written enconsent by their parent or legal guardian will not be permitted to access the internet on campus without being supervised by a teacher or other responsible adult.



  1. A full time study load is equivalent to four units in Certificate IV in University Foundation Studies or 100 credit points in Diploma plus two units (Certificate IV in University Foundation Studies or Diploma).
  2. Tuition fees, charges and accounts are payable in advance of each trimester/semester and students are not permitted to commence a trimester/semester until all outstanding fees, charges and accounts issued by Curtin College or Curtin University are paid.
  3. The total tuition fees stated in an Offer Letter are based on current prices and are therefore indicative only. The final tuition fees incurred may vary depending on unit selections, study load and promptness of payment. Students will receive a credit to their account where the incurred tuition fees are less than the amount paid in advance.
  4. Curtin College has the right to increase tuition fees and charges from time-to-time without notice. For more information on tuition fees refer to the Curtin College website at
  5. Students enrolling in a second or subsequent trimester/semester at Curtin College will be notified of the date by which payment and enrolment must be completed. Failure to enrol by the notified date may incur a penalty fee.
  6. Certain courses require the purchase of specialised equipment and/or clothing. Please contact the College for indicative costs for these items.
  7. Should it be necessary for a student to repeat a unit, the full amount will be charged.

Visa Conditions


  1. Student visas are normally issued for the period of the course or courses being offered. Students needing to extend their visa beyond this period should first consult Curtin College staff for assistance.
  2. International students are responsible for meeting all visa conditions as specified by the Australian Government. For more information on Australian Visa regulations refer to
  3. Curtin College is required by law to report to the Australian Government international students who are found to be in breach of their visa conditions (e.g. not maintaining satisfactory attendance and progress). Reported students may be instructed by the Government to leave the country.
  4. Students are required to notify the College in writing or online via the Curtin College student portal of a change of address.
  5. School aged dependants accompanying students to Australia will be required to enrol at school and pay full fees if they are enrolled in either a Government or non-Government school.

Refund and Cancellation of Enrolment


Notification of cancellation or withdrawal from a course of study must be made in writing to Curtin College. Provided the College is notified by week four of the trimester/semester in question, a refund will be issued less any fees or charges payable for that trimester/semester. For full details refer to the Curtin College Refund Policy at

The following table sets out the cancellation fees applicable to commencing International students:


Reason for course withdrawal Cancellation fee
Visa refusal (Proof of refusal necessary A$200
Curtin College cancels a student's enrolment due to serious breach of international student visa conditions or serious misconduct. 100% of current semester fees
Course withdrawal before commencement date Cancellation fee
More than 10 weeks A$500
More than 4 and up to 10 weeks 30% of course fees
4 weeks or less: 60% of course fees
Course withdrawal after commencement date Cancellation fee
4 weeks or less: 70% of course fee
More than 4 weeks: 100% of course fee (No refund)


A student whose withdrawal or enrolment cancellation is due to exceptional compassionate or compelling circumstances can request that cancellation charges be waived. Requests should outline the reasons for the withdrawal and include documentary evidence such as medical certificates to support the request.

Tuition Assurance


International Students

Curtin College contributes annually to the Australian Government's Tuition Protection Service (TPS) which is a placement and refund service for international students. The TPS is an initiative of the Australian Government to assist international students whose education providers are unable to fully deliver their course of study.

Domestic Students

The College is also a member of the Australian Council for Private Education and Training (ACPET) Australian Tuition Assurance Scheme (ASTAS). This organisation will provide for the continuation of students study at a similar alternative educational institution in the event that Curtin College ceases to provide a course of study in which a student is enrolled.

Full details of Curtin College's Statement of Tuition Assurance can be viewed here.



Prior to commencing their course and subject to approval, students may apply in writing to defer course commencement to a later trimester/semester, Curtin College will credit any fees paid to the relevant trimester/semester without penalty. If the student subsequently withdraws, the Refund Policy will apply as at the date Curtin College received the request for deferment.

Deferment, withdrawal, suspension and cancellation of a Student's Enrolment

Curtin College recognises that students may have the need to defer or withdraw from their course of study at Curtin College. Each request must be in writing to the Director of Marketing & Admissions (new students) or the Academic Director (enrolled students) or their nominees. Decisions on such requests will take into account information provided, circumstances leading to a request as well as regulatory requirements. Depending on the time the request is submitted an academic and financial penalty may apply (please refer to the Student Misconduct Policy & Refund Policy for penalties).

  • Withdrawal
    A student may request to withdraw from their program of study at any time before and during the trimester. Depending on the time the request is submitted an academic and financial penalty may apply - refer Refund Policy.

  • Deferring
    A student may request deferment prior to commencement of or during their course. The grounds for deferment include delay in receiving a student visa (prior to course commencement) or compelling and compassionate grounds e.g. Illness where a medical certificate states that the students is unable to attend classes, unexpected severe illness or death of a family member (prior to commencement or during the course). Students requesting deferment should apply to the College in writing stating their reasons for the requests and where appropriate supply relevant documentation. Please refer to the Refund policy for financial penalties that may apply.

  • Suspending or Cancelling
    Curtin College has the right to suspend or cancel a student's enrolment or re-enrolment in response to serious misbehavior or misconduct (refer to Student Misconduct policy and to the Refund Policy for financial penalties which may apply).

Transfer between Registered Providers

The Transfer between Registered Providers Policy stipulates that it is an Australian regulatory requirement that students must complete six months of their "principal course of study" before changing or transferring between registered providers. As a result Curtin College is unable to enrol students from another registered provider prior to the student completing six months of his/her principal course of study, unless a letter of release is provided by the original provider. Students who are unsuccessful in their request to transfer prior to completing 6 months of their principal course at Curtin College may appeal that decision. For further advice students should refer to Curtin College Complaints and Appeals Policy (refer page 12 for link to policies).

Students requesting transfer to another registered provider must provide a letter of offer from that provider. A letter of release will be provided where it is considered to be in the student's best interest. Where a student is under 18 years of age written confirmation is required from the student's parent/legal guardian before the request can be processed.

Privacy of Information


  1. Personal information on students collected prior to commencing and over the course of their studies may be made available to relevant Commonwealth and State Government agencies and the Tuition Protection Service, to ensure compliance with the College's obligations under the ESOS Act 2000, the ESOS National Code 2007 and other relevant Commonwealth and State legislation. This information may include persona and contact details, course enrolment details and changes and the circumstances of any suspected breach by the student of a visa condition.
  2. In the event of circumstances requiring critical incident management, Curtin College reserves the right to disclose limited personal information of a student where it is considered necessary to meet or maintain its duty of care responsibilities to that student.
  3. By providing us with your personal information, you consent to Curtin College and Navitas Limited (Navitas) using your information to contact you on an ongoing basis in order to provide you with marketing information we think would be of interest to you, including by mail, email, SMS and telephone.
  4. Navitas may retain other companies and contractors to provide services for us, including entities located outside Australia, who will need to have access to your personal information to perform their obligations. Navitas may also use a cloud-based service to store and process personal information. By providing us with your personal information, you consent to us disclosing your information to entities located outside Australia for these purposes, on the basis that we are not required to ensure that any overseas recipient complies with Australian privacy laws.
  5. With the exception of parties referred to in clauses 1 and 2 and Curtin University, information will only be provided to other parties with a student's permission.