Fees for International Students

No Application Fee


There is no application fee to apply to Curtin College.

Student Employment


International students in Australia receive permission to work with their visa grant. This allows students to work up to 40 hours per fortnight during semester and full time during semester breaks.

2015 Tuition Fees


Unit A$
Tertiary Communication Skills 4,600


Courses Duration - Trimesters / Semesters Trimester / Semester I Trimester / Semester II 2015 Course Fee
Certificate IV Tertiary Preparation Program - all study areas 2 - 3 trimesters 9,500 9,500 19,000
Tertiary Access Program - all study areas 1 trimester 9,500 9,500
Diploma of Commerce 2 - 3 trimesters 13,200 13,200 26,400
Diploma of Information Technology 2 semesters 14,200 14,200 28,400
Diploma of Built Environment- all streams 2 - 3 trimesters 14,600 14,600 29,200
Diploma of Arts & Creative Industries 2 - 3 trimesters 13,440 13,440 26,880
Diploma of Engineering - all streams 2 semesters 15,700 15,700 31,400
Diploma of Health Sciences - all streams 2 semesters 15,700 15,700 31,400


Calculation of Fees


The tuition fees shown represent full-time study over the period indicated. Actual tuition fees are calculated on a per unit basis, and variation to a normal full-time course load will result in a pro-rata adjustment to tuition fees. Tuition fees may rise each year. This fee schedule should be read in conjunction with Curtin College's published refund policy. International students who study in Australia under the provision of a student visa must maintain a full-time study load

Tuition fees are payable in advance prior to the commencement of a study period. A levy may be payable if fees are not paid by the due date. Students can only re-enrol if the tuition fees have been paid. Students repeating a failed unit have to pay tuition fees for that unit again.

Fees are payable before each trimester (or semester). Students pay the rate applicable for that academic year and not the rate of the year in which they began their course. Please note that fees are subject to an annual review. Tuition fees do not include textbooks, stationery or OSHC charges. An ancillary fee or additional separate charge may apply to particular units (e.g. uniform, lab coat, etc.).


Other charges A$
Enrolment fee for Diploma (Built Environment, Engineering, IT and Health $200
Enrolment fee for all other courses (Certificate IV Tertiary Preparation Program, Tertiary Access Program and other Diplomas) $150
Accommodation placement fee (Home stay) $150 - $175
Airport reception service (first time only) Free
Overseas Student Health Cover (per year)** $519
Visa processing charge (payable to Australian Government) $565

* Enrolment Fee refundable as per tuition fee refund policy
** Premium quoted is for OSHC Worldcare cover for a single person for one year, as on 1 Jan 2013. Please note that everyone applying for a student visa after 1 July 2010 is required to obtain Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) for the entire proposed duration of their visa before the visa can be granted. Details of other levels of cover are available from Curtin College or from www.oshcworldcare.com.au

2015 Fees for International Students (by Unit of Study)


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