Accepting your Offer

Step 1: Apply to Curtin College

Applications can be made at any time during the year but must be received at least two months before the course starting date. Students from Assessment Level 3 and 4 countries must allow for adequate time to apply for a Pre-Visa Assessment (PVA) and the issuing of student visas.

  1. Complete the Application form
  2. Attach certified copies of all academic qualifications including school reports, official examination certificates and evidence of English competency (if required). Certified translations must accompany documents that are not in English. Copies can be verified by:
    • The official records department of the institute that originally issued the documents
    • A Justice of the Peace or Public Notary
    • An authorized Curtin College representative
    • An Australian overseas diplomatic mission or Australian Education Centre
  3. Submit your application and documents to Curtin College at or to one of our representative offices.
  4. Successful applicants will be sent a Letter of Offer. Offers are made within 24 hours if a student's supporting documents are complete, although there can be delays where credit/exemption is sought for previous study.

Step 2: Accept your Letter of Offer

To accept the offer of a place, please complete and sign the Letter of Acceptance form. Send or fax the form to Curtin College at the time of making payment of the stipulated fees (tuition fee for the first semester, enrolment fee and OSHC).

Your Letter of Offer outlines the:

  • Curtin College course(s)/Curtin University course that has been offered
  • duration of the course(s)
  • commencement date(s)
  • tuition fee(s)
  • condition(s) of the offer (examples of conditions of the offer may include providing official or certified copies of academic transcripts, evidence or English proficiency eg IELTS. Prior to or at the time of accepting your offer, you must provide evidence that you have met all conditions. If you do not provide this evidence, you will not be eligible to proceed with your enrolment or student visa application.

Step 3: Undergo a Pre-Visa Assessment (PVA)

This applies to international students from Assessment Level 3 and 4 countries.

Before student visas are granted the Australian government takes into consideration the assessment level that has been assigned to the country of citizenship of the student applying.

An assessment level determines exactly what criteria need to be applied when considering an application for a student visa.

Students who are citizens of countries to which an assessment level of either 3 or 4 has been attached need to undergo a process called Pre-Visa Assessment (PVA). For more about Assessment Levels please see PVA is a process that takes place prior to an application for a student visa being lodged. The process can take from four to six weeks, so it is important to start this process early. There is no need to pay fees and charges prior to starting the PVA process. If the PVA has been favourable, the student will receive a letter from their Australian Embassy or Consulate inviting them to proceed to pay tuition fees to the education provider.

Students wishing to study at Curtin College should not pay fees until they have received the favourable PVA from their Australian Embassy or High Commission. eCoEs will be issued to students from Assessment Level 3 and 4 countries only when the favourable PVA document has been received and fees paid.

Step 4: Pay your fees

Payments should be made in Australian dollars to Curtin College by bank cheque or international bank draft. Payment can also be made by direct bank transfer to:

Account name: Curtin College Full Fee

Students Account Bank name: Westpac Banking Corporation

Branch address: Westpac Institutional Bank, 109 St Georges Terrace, Perth, WA 6000

BSB : 036-000

Account no: 773892


Please include your full student name on every transmission.

We accept Visa, MasterCard and Bankcard credit cards and also EFTPOS debit cards from our office in Perth. Credit Card payments will incur a 1.5% surcharge.

On receipt of the fees, your place at Curtin College will be confirmed and it will be deemed that you have accepted all the terms and conditions as outlined in this brochure. Most Letters of Offer issued by the College are packaged with an offer from Curtin University.

Curtin College will issue two (2) electronic Confirmations of Enrolments (eCoEs). The eCoEs are the key documents that are needed for visa application.

Step 5: Apply for a student visa after you receive your eCoE

Before being able to study in Australia international students must obtain a student visa. This visa is issued by Australian Diplomatic Missions and application must be made directly to the nearest Consulate or Embassy. Curtin College's local agents understand the application process and students are encouraged to use the services provided by our agents. The main documents required when applying for a student visa are:

  • Letter of Offer from Curtin College
  • Electronic Confirmation of Enrolment (eCoE). eCoEs are issued by the College upon receipt of relevant fees and charges.
  • Results of a medical examination
  • Proof that OSHC has been arranged
  • Proof of financial capability to pay tuition fees and living expenses.

Please refer to the Australian Government website chooser for a step-by-step guide to applying for a student visa.

All international students (i.e. students who are not Australian Citizens, Permanent Residents, Temporary Residents, among others) must be in possession of a current student visa while they are studying in Australia. Student visas are granted with certain conditions attached. Some of those conditions will often be that students must:

  • Study full-time while in Australia (minimum of three units at Curtin College)
  • Satisfy course requirements – must attend a minimum of 80 per cent of all scheduled classes and make satisfactory academic progress
  • Remain enrolled at all times
  • Inform education provider of any change of address
  • Have sufficient funds to cover course and living expenses
  • Have Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) at all times while studying
  • Contact current education provider if wanting to change institution within the first six months of commencing the principal course. Curtin College is obliged under Australian Legislation to notify the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) immediately when it becomes aware that any breach of a student visa exists.