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Introducing Guest Blogger Jasrita

So when David asked me to take over the Blog I was pretty ecstatic, but then I chose not to jump up and down in his office, so I was just like “yeah okay, I could do that.”
But in reality, I was overjoyed with this. So firstly, I’ll start of by introducing myself, I’m from Kenya, and no I have never been chased by a tiger – although I was chased by monkeys once – no I do not live in a jungle, I live by the beach. Secondly, no Kenya is not in Europe – yes people actually ask me that. It got to the point where my response turned to “Did you ever have Geography classes in school? Or are you just being silly?”
But yeah, I miss home, but there’s other times I absolutely love being here. Oh, and I am also convinced that I’m a unicorn and everyone else are little cupcakes.

Now back to the blog, College is supposed to be this amazing time of our lives, a time where we make the best memories and even the time where we meet our closest friends. I want to make this blog about that, not about me or anything else, but instead about you! (yes, I love you all that much)
And to help me achieve that, I want everyone to comment on things they would like to read about, maybe even competitions and pretty much anything. So pretty please, help me out? You might get cupcakes!

This blog will hopefully, in some way add to that nostalgic feeling when you look back and reminisce about your college life. So when you need a little pick me up, you can come back and read these little ramblings, when you feel homesick, know you can come here and maybe even drop me a message and we can sit and eat ice cream and be homesick together. This blog will be for you!

Okay bye.
Oh, and my name is Jasrita but you can call me Jas.

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