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It begins: My Disney adventure!

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In 48 hours I leave for the biggest adventure of my life! I leave my family, my friends, my whole life behind to start fresh in the United States. Moving half way across the world is definitely going to have it’s challenges but I can not wait to see what the future holds for me at Disney Land!

I have already learnt so much about myself and the journey I have ahead, just from the process of applying and being accepted. I can’t wait for the learning as I embark on this adventure through my work, training and Disney seminar courses. I can not wait to meet new people and be exposed to a different culture within the United States and the other cultures my peers may bring with them from across the globe.

An experience like this is bound to change a person. Going from being very dependent on my mother to suddenly becoming an independent adult is scary for me but I am definitely looking forward to the challenges that are ahead. I am so excited for the experiences and life lessons I am going to learn within the next 6 months and I definitely believe it is going to change me as a person. Fingers crossed for the better!!

As the day approaches for me to leave the nerves start to kick in. However this feeling is mixed with the sense of excitement that lie ahead of me. This is a once in a lifetime experience and I get to live it. Yes, leaving will be the toughest thing I have ever done but I can’t wait to embark on such a rewarding a lifelong experience. Saying goodbye to my family and friends is going to be hard. As I say goodbye to my friends, I realise that some will still be my friends when I get back but I will have also lost a few. This is life; it shows who really are my friends and who truly understands that for me to advance my career I have to go on this adventure but that I will also try my best to stay in contact with them until I am home again. But I always like to remember, its not ‘goodbye’ but just ‘see you later’. My family have supported me beyond belief throughout this whole experience, always encouraging me to pursue my dreams no matter what. I cannot wait to make them proud and will be counting down the days till I get to see them again.

I wouldn’t be going on this crazy adventure without the love and support my friends and family and to be honest; I didn’t think I could make it alone. I always know that I have them behind me as I start this new chapter in my life, and what an exciting one it is going to be!

So for now, see you later Perth and hello Disneyland Florida!!

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