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Moving to Disney – My Disney Adventure!


Today was all about moving to Disney- The most hectic day of this journey so far! It’s only been a week since I left home but within the last week I have never felt like more of an adult. The first week was tough; I couldn’t count the amount of times I wanted to just pack up and leave. I even called my older sister while I was shopping in Walmart crying my eyes out just because I was extremely overwhelmed. It has been one emotional rollercoaster since I stepped on the plane, but I’m glad I did it.

My week started off with lugging my four suitcases and two bags from Disney’s ‘Art of Animation’ hotel to Vista Way (the central dorm complex). Arriving at Vista Way I dumped my stuff in the bay area near the buses and started my check-in process. Prior to check-in, I had to print of a bunch of important paper work which Disney calls a boarding pass. Walking in to check-in, I first got my picture taken for my dorms ID card. This is the only way into my dorm complex. Security checks my ID every time I go to walk in my building complex. After having my ID printed I waited in line to find out where I will be working. As I am in ‘Full-service Food and Beverage’ I got placed at Chef Mickey. Chef Mickey is a character-dining restaurant where guests can eat breakfast, lunch and dinner with a variety of different characters. After this I had a meeting with a cast member to give them the paperwork they needed and find out my dorm complex, as Disney owns four different complexes.

Finally I grabbed my suitcases and jumped on the bus to head to Patterson court, my new home for the next six months! Walking into my dorm room I found two of my fellow roommates had already arrived but dropped their stuff off and left. So I picked my bed, started to unpack my stuff and then headed off to Walmart with some of my fellow cast members I had already met to get some food and other essentials I would need till my roommates showed up. After arriving back to my dorm to finish unpacking, I met my roommates; Jewelia, Kim and Maddy who are from New Zealand and Bridgette who is from Australia.

It has only been a week since I left home but it feels like it has been much longer. My journey is only just starting and I can’t wait to see where it goes. Please follow my blog in order to follow me on my magical Journey. ☺

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