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Procrastination | How to beat it!



We all know what this is, and as students, we’re all Pro’s at it.

But what if this simple word is actually the reason we’re always so stressed out and overwhelmed with the amount of work we have to do? What if this simple one word is the reason as to why we aren’t getting the grades we know we can achieve?

When it comes to procrastinating, I feel like I fall into different stages of it, I go from being hungry, to finding new games and apps to play, reading reviews about the game and making sure I beat my high score – several times.

Sometimes there isn’t much we can do about it, we’re put into this situation where we have so many different things to do, from meeting up with your friends, watching series, making a cup of coffee which then leads to making yourself a snack which then leads to a whole entire hour spent on cooking and your essay is still at a word count of zero. Even when you make a point to go study in the library, you’re in an environment that contains your friends, and not to forget, WiFi.

So as a student, can we fight this epidemic we’ve all become professionals at?

The first and main battle to fight is getting rid of temptation.

    • As 21st Century Students, our college work is all done on our laptops. And so are our emails, games, browsing and social media. Create a profile for yourself on your laptop where you will simply just do work on and use internet blocking apps on it so there is no temptation to check your emails or Facebook messages.
    • Commit yourself to study for 30 minutes straight without any interruptions. A lot of the times we work better this way when we know we only have a short time to work for and then we get a break and battle on the next 30 minutes.
    • Be stern with yourself. Set an amount of work for yourself to do by a certain time, and tell yourself if you don’t complete it you wont get to go out with your friends or do something you really want to do.
    • Create goals for yourself of what you want to accomplish in the day. Make sure they’re reasonable and once you have accomplished them, reward yourself for your hard work.

Now the only thing to make sure you don’t do is procrastinate when trying to beat procrastination.

Okay bye.

I procrastinated while writing this post =/

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