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Study in Perth

The academic focus within Australian institutions is on analysis and understanding, not memorisation. Assignments and examinations will often focus on the application of theories learned and the transfer of knowledge to ta new context or situation. Student participation is very important and lecturers encourage you to respond to questions in class and ask questions of your own. There are many people and services at Curtin College to assist you with you studies, including Academic Advisers and Support Officers. It is important you keep staff informed if you are experiencing difficulties with your studies, and talk to someone before a minor problem becomes a major problem.

Orientation Attendance at Orientation is compulsory, don't miss out!

An orientation program is arranged for all new students prior to the start of each study period. The date and time of your Orientation is detailed on your Welcome Letter.

Orientation is designed to provide you with an opportunity to meet other students and staff and to provide you with important information that will help you as you begin your studies.

Orientation usually includes:

  • Welcome to the College
  • Interactive campus tour
  • Curtin College Student Mentors
  • Important policies and documents for students
  • Enrolment and Student Portal introduction
  • Student Concession Smart Rider for public transport
What should you bring to Orientation?
  • Your Letter of Offer
  • Passport and visa details
  • Confirmation of Enrolment documents (CoE/eCoE)
  • Completed Account Creation Guide
  • Photo Identification (e.g. Passport,Driver’s Licence, Proof of Age Card, etc)
More about Orientation >

Important Policies Find out what is expected of you and know your rights.

Please familiarise yourself with the following Curtin College Policies, all of which are available on this website.

    • Appeals Policy
    • College Code of Conduct
    • Complaints Policy
    • Credit for Recognised Learning Policy
    • Deferral, Suspension & Cancellation Policy
    • Enrolment Policy
    • IT Acceptable Use Policy
    • Progress & Intervention Policy
    • Progression Rules for All Courses
    • Refund Policy
    • Student Welfare, Counselling and Support Policy
    • Transfer between Registered Providers Policy

View all policies and procedures >

Deferring and Withdrawing from Study How to apply.


You may request deferral of your studies prior to commencement of, or during your course. Grounds for deferment include delays in receiving your student visa (prior to course commencement) or compelling and compassionate grounds including illness, expected severe illness, or death of a family member.

Apply to the College in writing stating your reasons for the request and supply relevant documentation where appropriate.


You may request to withdraw from your program of study at any time before and during the study period. Depending on the time the request is submitted, an academic and financial penalty may apply.

For more information on deferring or withdrawing, please refer to the Deferral and Withdrawal Policy, and to the Refund Policy.

Transferring to Another Provider Transferring or cancelling your enrolment.

Transfer between Registered Providers

The transfer between Registered Providers Policy stipulates that it is an Australian regulatory requirement that students must complete six months of their ‘principal course of study’ before changing or transferring between registered providers. As a result, Curtin College is unable to enrol students from another registered provider prior to the student completing six months of his/her principal course of study, unless a Letter of Release is received from the original provider.

If you are unsuccessful in your request to transfer, prior to completing six months of your principal course at Curtin University, you may appeal that decision. For further advice, refer to the Curtin College Appeals Policy.

To request a transfer to another registered provider, you must provide a Letter of Offer from that provider. Curtin College will then provide you with a A Letter of Release, where it is considered to be in your best interest. If you are a Minor, you must provide written confirmation from your parent/legal guardian before the request can be processed.

Please refer to the Transfer between Registered Providers and Appeals Policies for more details.

Suspending or Cancelling Enrolment

Curtin College has the right to suspend or cancel your enrolment or re-enrolment in response to serious misbehaviour or misconduct.

Please refer to the Student Misconduct Policy for more information, and to the Refund Policy for any financial penalties that may apply.

What We Expect Things you must do while you study.

Acceptable behaviour for students in Australia may differ from that in your home country.

In Australia, it is typical to have an informal relationship between staff and students.

At Curtin College, we expect that you will:

  • attend all of your classes and meet fellow students for group work at the arranged time, unless prevented by genuine illness,
  • actively participate in all your classes by responding to lecturers and asking questions,
  • be well informed and respond to messages in a timely fashion,
  • submit assignments complete and on time,
  • abide by Curtin College’s rules and regulations, which can be found in the Student Handbook and Student Policies,
  • pay your tuition fees by the due dates,
  • communicate with lecturers regarding illnesses and other personal issues which might result in you being absent from your classes.

Examinations and Final Results

Examinations in Australia are normal and compulsory. The main exam period is during the last week of each study period. The exam timetable is usually available 3-4 weeks prior to each exam period. Curtin College cannot make special arrangements to allow students to sit exams privately to accommodate holiday plans, however the College does work to accommodate students with compelling and compassionate circumstances such as illness, disability, or death of a family member. If you cannot attend your exams, you must discuss this with the College first.

The final result for a unit may be made up of a required minimum attendance, mid-semester test, assignments, participation in class, and examination results.
Your lecturers will inform you how your final mark is determined for each unit. It might be necessary to pass each of the individual parts of a unit before you can pass the whole unit.

College Study Period Semester/ Trimester Dates and Holidays.


Details of study period start and end dates are available here. They are also on the Student Portal. Please make sure you and your parents or guardians know these dates before you leave for Australia as you might wish to organise return flights for holidays, family celebrations, or other important events.


Holidays that fall between study periods start at the end of the exam period. You must return to the College on the first day of the new study period. Failure to return on time will result in an absence being recorded for those classes missed. Being marked absent from classes might jeopardise your student visa and the final grade for your unit.

You will not normally be excused from classes or exams for reasons other than illness. Please make sure you communicate with your lecturers regarding any possible absences.

Get Involved

There are lots of opportunities to get involved at Curtin College. You can join the Student Mentor program, volunteer with the Curtin Volunteers, and if your grades are good enough, join the Academic Peer program as a tutor for your fellow students. 

There is always something happening, so don’t be shy! Drop into reception to find out more.

Just one more thing…

The College Director, Senior Management and Staff of Curtin College hope that you find your time in Australia both challenging and enjoyable.

Remember, it can take a while to adjust to anything new, but eventually all will be very familiar to you.

Immerse yourself in the activities and experiences available to you at Curtin College, Curtin University, in Perth, and in Australia. Not all the things you learn will be of an academic nature, but they will lead you to become an independent critical thinker whose horizons are greatly expanded.

There will be times of happiness, sadness, stress, and relief. This is quite normal. Sometimes you might feel things are all too much for you, so remember that the staff at Curtin College is there to help you succeed. We are very passionate about what we do and have a wealth of information available to you in print and online.

Good luck with your studies.

Enjoy your time at both the College and the University.

One day, you will be able to congratulate yourself on a successfully completing a difficult and demanding, but rewarding journey.

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