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Student Services & Support

Curtin College students are offered academic support vital to the success of their studies at university. Curtin College staff are dedicated to empowering every student to meet the demands of University study

As a Curtin College student, you may attend a number of support classes and workshops at no extra cost.* This additional support serves to enhance your performance at the College and better prepare you for future study at the University.

* Excluding TCS

Student Advisors

Student and academic services provide you with academic support, welfare support, information and advice to help you attain academic success and improve your personal well-being. They will help you make the transition to living and studying away from home and in a university environment. The Student Learning Advisor is available by appointment and can also discuss any physical, mental, or emotional issues that you may encounter during the course of your studies.

Academic Master Series Workshops.

The aim of these workshops is to develop and build on your skills in key areas necessary to succeed at university such as time management, referencing, report writing, essay writing, and academic writing. They help to develop your confidence, to make your learning easier and more effective, and to increase your understanding of the university environment and expectations of lecturers.

Academic Drop in Sessions

At the Academic Drop In Sessions, you are able to get individual assistance with the preparation and presentation of assignments, referencing, language skills and general study skills. You can drop in at any time during the sessions to speak to a Communications Lecturer.

Academic Peers

You can count on extra academic support from your peers too. Academic Peers are high achieving students who are happy to assist you in your subjects. This is a great way to get advice from other students who have experienced many of the issues you may be facing.

English Language Support

English Support Program (ESP)

Academic English Language is vital to the success of university studies. ESP is offered to students in Stage 1 of their Diploma and a lot of effort is put into setting the foundation for successful progression into university. ESP introduces students to the nature of academic language that they will be faced with from their lectures and will be required to produce in their speaking and writing.

Academic Language Enrichment Program (ALEP)

ALEP is a complementary 9 week program offered to Diploma students in stage 2. It builds on to the skills introduced in ESP to help further develop academic and English language skills. It is tailored to provide support in each of the courses offered at Curtin College. Students will be developing the skills necessary to succeed in the specific courses.

Tertiary Communication Skills (TCS)

TCS offers students a more intensive instruction on English language and academic communication skills. It consists of 12 hours of face to face contact per week for 12 weeks. Small classes allow teachers to guide students through their weak areas. Students work in groups, build friendships and strengthen their knowledge of how to navigate through University.

View TCS Fees.

Student Mentors

Each new student will have a Student Mentor who will assist students as they transition into their new College life. They are experienced students who are there to share their expertise about their life, studies and other challenges you may face as a new student. They will be there for you right from day 1 of your studies.

Student services and support at Curtin College