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Student Survival Kit

So you know how everyone talks about how college and uni is pretty much the best four years of your life? And there’s this whole stigma around it and that it’s filled with loads of parties and great memories, that you’ll never forget it and you’ll never have a dull moment?

To me, that’s all over rated because no one talks about the hard times of it, the separation gap, the anxiety that you feel, the times when you go without sleep for probably even days, having to juggle your work load with your part time job and your social life. So for those exact reasons, you need a Survival Kit, one with a four year warranty and that includes a guide to your next four years of your life.

When you find yourself stuck in this huge pile of work and assignments, it is completely normal to have a break down and feel like you don’t know where to begin. We all land up here, and not even just once, the best part is, there is an antidote for this, you can reach out for help with a dose from your fellow Academic Peers, they’ve been in your place trying to understand the same things you’re struggling with. Talk to your lecturer, they don’t have email addresses just for show.

Throughout your semester, there will be Academic Master Classes, attend these! Attend the workshops. They help. Yes, it’s extra hours on campus and extra time you didn’t want to put in, but if you don’t want to have your extra antidotes, how do you expect to get better?

Your final best remedy to make sure you don’t land up in such a position again is to make yourself a timetable, as soon as you get your unit outlines, check when all your deadlines are and your assessments, and PLAN! It’s one great gift you can give yourself.
Time management skills are essential, stock up on these.

There will be times when you feel like spending extra on some new shiny armour for your college warrior, there is someone to help you with looking for part time jobs to get you those extra power ups.

As with separation anxiety, there is always help and a way out from everyone’s problems. There is always someone to talk to. And when you have exam pressure, there is help for that too. Seek for it.

Don’t let these hurdles be the reason for your failure to level up in these four years, don’t fall into a group of enemies disguised as your friends, don’t stray away from your purpose of being here in College. Use your Survival Kit, there should be an ample supply of wise choices in there too.

Lastly, balance your fun times with your study time.

Okay bye.

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