Finding suitable accommodation is a high priority for new students. Curtin College assists students in finding the most appropriate accommodation available to suit their requirements.

Accommodation Options


Curtin 6

These 6 town houses, fully furnished and equipped, are located within 10 minutes walk of Curtin College. Each townhouse has six rooms with a common kitchen, living room and laundry. All rooms are single study rooms equipped with a television antenna and telephone points. The complex is fully secured with alarms in each unit as well as a security gate at the entrance of the property.

Curtin 12

These 12 town houses, fully furnished and equipped, are located within a 10-minute walk of Curtin College and feature a 24-hour CCTV security surveillance camera. Each townhouse has six rooms with a common kitchen, living room and laundry. All rooms are single study rooms equipped with a television antenna and telephone points. Varying in size, most Curtin 12 bedrooms have a private ensuite bathroom, while the standard room has a shared bathroom facility.

Marquis St

Located just a 10-minute walk from the College, there are three units at this location with six rooms and five bathrooms in each. Each unit has four private ensuite bathrooms and two standard rooms with a shared bathroom. All rooms are fully furnished and equipped with telephone and television points.


Students may seek an authentic cultural experience by living with an Australian family in what is known as a 'Homestay' arrangement. Australian host families come from many places including Europe, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Hong Kong, among others. Homestay consists of a variety of family environments including married couples (with or without children), single parents or a single person.

Students are able to apply for Homestay accommodation the Australian Homestay Network website or the Perth Student Accommodation website. Our Homestay Officer will house students accordingly and email the Homestay Profile and confirmation to the agent/student direct. The placement fee will be paid to Perth Student Accommodation.

Temporary accommodation

For students arriving in Perth without having arranged permanent accommodation, Curtin College can book short-term accommodation at reasonable prices.

Other accommodation options

Curtin College can provide the details of a local housing agency that has rental accommodation and information about other properties close to the College for students who prefer to make alternative arrangements for private accommodation.

Accommodation for students under 18 years of age

Australian immigration rules for students under the age of 18 require that Curtin College approves all accommodation and welfare arrangements before students can travel to Australia. Curtin College will approve arrangements for students who will be living with parents, legal guardians, other appropriate family members or genuine family friends. The local carer or guardian must be of good character and be over the age of 21. Where no local carer is available, Curtin College requires that students under the age of 18 be placed in Homestay accommodation (see further information under Homestay).

How much will it cost?


Curtin College Off-campus Accommodation Fees (A$)

Accommodation Fees Range per Letting Period (16 weeks*) Refundable Security Bond
Curtin 6 $2,560 - $3,280 $640 - $820
Curtin 12 $3,280 - $3,760 $820 - $940
Marquis St $3,280 - $3,760 $680 - $800

One-off Placement Fee $240 when applying through AHN.

*Fees based on a 16-week letting period. Some semesters might be shorter or longer hence charges will be decreased or increased on a pro-rata basis. Actual charges will be reflected in the Tenancy Agreement issued at the time of allocation of rooms.

Homestay Costs

Australian Homestay Network (AHN) Weekly (per person)
Placement Fee (one-off payment) $240
Homestay (Private Room) $180 - $300
Homestay (Shared Room) $150 - $270

For further details about the breakdown of Homestay costs with AHN please visit their website:

Perth Student Accommodation Weekly (per person)
Placement Fee (one-off payment) $200
Homestay $260 - $320

Other accommodation and living costs (A$)

Rental* Weekly (per person)
2-bedroom unfurnished apartment $175 - $250
3-bedroom unfurnished apartment/house $175 - $250
Living Expenses* Weekly (per person)
Food $120
Gas, electricity, water, telephone $20
Public transport $25
Clothing, laundry, toiletries & entertainment $120

*The above prices are an estimate only. It is a guide to meeting basic needs only and does not cover costs for extra non-essential items. Rental prices may vary from one area to another, and many factors may affect the price.

How to apply for accommodation and airport pick-up?


Curtin College's accommodation placement and airport pick-up services are managed by our preferred supplier, Australian Homestay Network (AHN). Airport pick-up for new students will be free for the first pick-up only.

Students applying for Homestay click here >

Students applying for Off-Campus Accommodation click here >

Agents applying on behalf of students click here >

To arrange airport pick-up only, please contact AHN.
Phone: +61 8 6141 8690

Accommodation placement and airport pick-up services are also managed by, Perth Student Accommodation. To discuss your accommodation needs and arrange for airport pick-up (for new students), please contact Mr Steve Link directly on the below.
Tel: 618 9245 2020
Fax: 618 9245 2003