Students Under 18

Pastoral Care for Students Under 18 Years of Age (Minors)

As an international student, there are a number of actions you will need to take to ensure a smooth transfer from your home country to Perth before you begin your journey on campus towards your Curtin Degree.

Under Australian law, international minors in Australia must have access to appropriate care and living arrangements which are organised by the College. Accommodation and welfare arrangements may be organised by parents or guardians, however the College must approve these arrangements before final documentation can be issued. The local carer or guardian must be of good character and be over the age of 21.

In the absence of a local carer or guardian, homestay is the recommended alternative.

Homestay Accommodation

Where parents or guardians are not in a position to arrange care and accommodation, the College will arrange homestay accommodation for the student. During the course of each trimester the College monitors living arrangements and ensures that minors are made aware of the support services available to them. Parents are also involved with any major activities or actions involving their son or daughter who is under the age of 18.

How to apply for Accommodation

If you have confirmed your offer of a place, please log onto the Perth Student Accommodation website at to apply for homestay accommodation. Our Homestay Officer will house students accordingly and email the Homestay Profile and confirmation to the agent/student direct. The placement fee of $190 is to be paid to Perth Student Accommodation.