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Studying at Disney – My Disney Adventure

Studying at Disney

February has been a very full on month between work, study and learning the American culture, my roommate’s barely see me.

Studying at Disney.

My Disney series classes started about two weeks a go and to be honest with you it was just like starting a fresh semester at university. That feeling you get when you’re sitting in your first class of the new semester, knowing no one. Apparently that feeling never goes away. The classes are very similar to university lectures but on a smaller scale. They are so informative and intriguing. Choosing to take classes while I was here was the best decision I have made. Taking the Cast Engagement and Human Resources class has given me inside information on my potential future career with Walt Disney. I have also learnt so much from the Marketing and Sales: defining the strategy class. This class relates so much to my Curtin University degree. Disney uses the same tools I learnt about throughout my degree but with their own little bit of “magic”.  I have already learnt so much from these two classes and they have only just started. I decided to register for another two in term B; Disney Leadership and Disney Marketing and sales: implementing the strategies. I feel these will help me expand my knowledge of Disney even further and become helpful in my future career, where ever that may be.

The American Culture

I have learnt so much about the American culture! Just recently I went to a bar called Cowboys. It was definitely a one of a kind experience. It was such a southern bar full of typical southern people who were country line dancing to every song possible. It was very fun trying to learn how to country line dance and keep up with the southern’s, but it honestly feels like they are born to country line dance.

Denny’s diner and the waffle house are two other places I have visited in the last couple of weeks. These were very different to eating at a café at home. Everything about them, the atmosphere, the food, the service and the people are all different but that what makes the American culture stand out. I will definitely be going back

I feel as if whenever I walk into a new place, whether that be a bar, restaurant, diner, theme park etc. I am bound to learn something new.

A requirement of my culture exchange program is to report one cultural activity to the US government by the last day of each month. And to be honest with you it isn’t very hard. I go to a new cultural place at least once a week. The only hard thing about it is remembering and finding the time to report it!



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