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15 Things Only International Students Will Understand.

  1. Your first day at college was spent thinking about how badly you just want to go back home.
  2. No one pronounces your name right, and when someone finally does, you’re ecstatic.
  3. You try to comprehend why you get asked such asinine questions about yourself and your home country.
  4. You realise that possibly 90% of the people you meet have a completely different understanding and inaccurate picture of your home country. Then you try to set the record straight. Then you give up.
  5. Finding your favourite local food at a grocery store or a restaurant, is heaven.
  6. Sometimes you get into trouble for using the British spelling system instead of the American (vice versa).
  7. A lot of the times you play the guilt card on your parents so they send you money. A lot of the time it works. 🙂
  8. You’ve mastered the time difference and currency conversion, but you still convert everything to ‘real money’ in your mind, before you buy anything.
  9. You find the look on your friends face is priceless, when they hear you talking to your family in your own language.
  10. You don’t understand why restaurants and shops are not open till late. And you find this really annoying. What happened to late night dinners and snacks? How are students to survive an all-nighter (studying not partying of course), without Ben & Jerry’s.
  11. You couldn’t live with out WhatsApp, FaceTime, Skype, Viber and iMessage. You also look for any App that allows you to communicate with your family for free. If wifi is not there, there is nothing. You would much rather lose a limb.
  12. The excitement when you meet someone else from the same country.
  13. When you hear people complaining about 5 hour flights, your reaction is somewhere among the lines of, “Thats it?”
  14. You miss mums cooking. A lot.
  15. You’ve mastered jet lag.

BUT, at the end of the day, this place is still your home and you realise its a small world. One day it will all be worth it. One day..

Okay bye.

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