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USA vs Australia – My Disney Adventure!

disney fireworks

So I’ve been living in the United States for just over a month now. This past month has gone pretty quickly, but it also feels like forever. I feel as if I have been gone so much longer that I actually have. I try to talk to my family and friends on a daily basis but with the time difference being 13-hours it’s not as easy as you would think (even with today’s technology).

I have learnt so much already in the past month. For a country that I thought was so similar to Australia it is actually quite different. Both countries speak English as their first language but yet there are many communications and language barriers between my American friends and myself. For an example: I was meeting one of my friends after work and we arranged that I’d meet her in the car park. She had no idea what I was talking about as here in the USA they call them parking lots! Simple everyday things have different names: a hand vacuum is hooky, cutlery is called silverware, lifts are called elevators etc. Even words that are socially acceptable to say in Australia aren’t necessary acceptable here. My university was very culturally diverse with students from all over the world, so I was prepared from some culture differences but I never realised the English language would be one.

As for my job, I love working at Chef Mickeys. It is so much fun to work within a character-dining restaurant, the atmosphere is always lively. Being Australian, many American give you the “I love your accent” stare, which is quite entertaining. They also have multiple questions for me about my country and the culture we have, which is nice to share with them and makes for an easy conversation starter.

I love my job and have made amazing friends but I still have those days where all I want to do is come home to Australia. It’s so hard to be away from my friends and family this long. But after having an emotional cry and talking to people back home I know I really do want to stay.

I have grown so much as a person. I am defiantly a different person then I was when I left and I will probably be a different person then I am today when I return home. But that’s the whole point of this journey.

I hope you’ve been enjoying following me throughout this journey. Don’t forget to stay tuned and keep following as there is bound to be more of the good, the bad and the ugly thought out the next 4 and 1/2 months. Until next time, it’s good bye from me and my friend Donald Duck!  🙂


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