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Why International Students Use Agents To Help Apply For College

Not like the secret agents or the FBI, but an agent who represents a bunch of Colleges or Universities in your country.

So you want to know why international students use agents?

When applying to any College you have a list of choices, you’re sometimes still confused as to where you want to go, what you want to study and how to even begin with applying. So because we’re lucky, we have little helpers for that, and they make the job so much easier.

As an International student, your paperwork becomes a little bit extra because you need to apply for your visa too. I remember being so overwhelmed with the amount of documents – and horrible passport sized pictures I had to take – I needed to apply for my visa. Luckily, my little helper back home made this so much more easier. When you’re applying for all of this on your own, you tend to not realize what documents are missing, what you don’t even need, how many copies of certain documents you need, so she made it so much easier for me by just making me one list of everything I needed.


I never had a moment where I was confused about what university I wanted to go to, I always knew it was Curtin for me. But, for those of us who are, an agent always has a list of universities and what they offer and can provide for you, this narrows down your choices a lot. Attend university fairs as well, this way you can easily meet representatives from the university and get a better insight to what they provide and your options. Oh, and you also get cool free things!

Deciding what career choice you want to make in life is hard and confusing. There’s so many degrees out there that a lot of us don’t even know about. But you know what? Your agent does! And they can help you find something that’s right for you.

Most importantly, your agent can get your application through faster than you could, they can easily follow it up – because they’re cool and have contacts in the business, they’re agents that hunt down your application – and lastly, it is a way easier and less of a stress for you. Which also means, you have more time to have fun.

It’s also sort of cool when all your friends are busy sending in all their applications in and you just get to be there all relaxed and say, “Yeah my agent is handling it for me.” Well…at least I found it sort of cool!

Okay bye.

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