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Fran Sullivan-Rhodes

Acting Program Manager | Built Environment and Arts and Creative Industries

What is your role at Curtin College?

I manage the Built Environment Diploma and the Arts and Creative Industries Diploma and the Stage one Communication Skills Units and support program. This involves designing projects to provide students with opportunities to demonstrate and develop skills that will contribute to a professional portfolio. I am also responsible for assisting the lecturers in our Design, Social Sciences, mass Communications and Built Environment Streams to provide an excellent learning experience and learning support for our students.

I am also a Unit Coordinator and Lecturer for some of the units within Stage one and Stage 2 Design Units.

What do you like most about your role?

I love working with students and getting to encourage creative thinking and creative production. It is exciting to see what our students produce, be it in designing structures, writing articles or producing animations. This is an innovative and dynamic area to be involved in and I find this in itself is highly enjoyable and rewarding.

How would you describe your teaching style?

Student-centred classes, with an emphasis on active learning are what I aim to provide. As a practicing artist, designer and photographer I am able to bring lots of industry experience into my classes to help with making connections between learning activities and the professional field which our students will progress to work in, providing lots of practical development of skills through in-class exercises.

Where else have you worked?

I taught at Curtin University for 14.5 years, in Built Environment, Art and Design, as well as in Cultural Studies. I have taught on campus and also had the opportunity to work with Open Universities Australia for 14 years, teaching practical and theory units online. This has allowed me to develop skills in supporting students in virtual and in conventional classrooms. I have also taught vocational classes at Fremantle Art Centre, Contemporary Art Space Mandurah and Kidogo Arthouse.

What is your academic background?

Bachelor of Arts (Visual Art), Bachelor of Fine Arts (Hons), Diploma of Photography, Master of Arts (Contemporary Visual Art).

Fran Sullivan-Rhodes

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