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Postgraduate Preparation Program (PPP)

The Postgraduate Preparation Program (PPP) is a one trimester, non-award program for students who have a tertiary qualification but who do not qualify for direct entry into a Master Degree at Curtin University.

Completion of the PPP ensures students direct entry into the Curtin College Graduate Certificate program.

Leading to

Graduate Certificate in Commerce

Choose from:

  • Professional Accounting
  • Applied Finance

Alternative entry to a Postgraduate Certificate

If you have…

✓ Completed a 3 year post-secondary qualification comparable to an Australian Associate Degree or Advanced Diploma

You can study the PPP

✓ 4 qualifying post-graduate units (1 trimester)

Graduate Certificate in Commerce

Complete the Graduate Certificate and gain direct entry into the Master of Commerce at Curtin University

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Oct 2020

June | October

1 trimester

Apply now for the Postgraduate Preparation Program (PPP) so you can gain entry into the Graduate Certificate, which will allow you direct entry into the second semester of the Masters Degree at Curtin University.

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How does it work?

Curtin Masters Pathway Diagram
*3 year post-secondary qualification comparable to an Australian Associate Degree or Advanced Diploma

Postgraduate Preparation Program (PPP) Units CRICOS Code: 066028J | 4 units, 1 trimester

The PPP consist of 4 pre-postgraduate units that focus on academic communication, intercultural issues and introductory research skills in preparation for postgraduate studies. Communication skills are developed in the Academic Communication and Intercultural Issues unit which is supported by 4 weekly hours of mandatory language support classes.

Intercultural Issues for Postgraduate Studies

The unit aims to develop effective communication skills relevant to postgraduate study in an Australian context.  It focuses on building on and extending students’ intercultural skills and understandings, and preparing them to participate effectively in varied academic contexts. The course also aims to assist students in understanding and effectively managing transitions between different cultural contexts through a process of developing self-awareness and the ability to reflection on the impact culture has on communication.

Academic Communication for Postgraduate Studies

The unit aims to develop the skills required for communicating at a postgraduate level.  It provides an introduction to academic conventions related to research and writing essays, reports and case studies and presenting academic work orally.  There is a focus on developing analytical and critical thinking skills, and individual and team work. The development of skills required to competently display knowledge gathered from a wide range of sources without falling into plagiarism is also explored.  Students will also develop their English language skills required to communicate clearly and coherently in an academic and professional context.

Research Skills for Postgraduate Studies

The unit aims to provide students with the skills needed for conducting research at a postgraduate level.  This includes an introduction to a range of quantitative and qualitative research methods and information sources available and the development of critical thinking, processing and analysis skills to support future research projects.

Postgraduate Preparation in Critical Thinking

The unit aims to develop critical analytical skills, which are essential for problem solving and are valued as graduate attributes. This unit introduces students to different methods of critical thinking through the history of Western thought and philosophy that underline many traditions of modern Western scholarship. Postgraduate students will be prepared for future research by developing skills in reasoning and argument.

Fees 2020

Course Per Unit Total Fees ($AUD)
Postgraduate Preparation Program (PPP) 3,300 13,200

Entry Requirements

Australian Students

The Postgraduate Preparation Program (PPP) is not available to Australian students.

International Students

Course Academic Entry Requirements
Postgraduate Preparation Program (PPP) 3 year post-secondary qualification comparable to an Australian Associate Degree or Advanced Diploma*
Course English Language Entry Requirements
Postgraduate Preparation Program (PPP) IELTS 6.0 (no band below 5.5), IELTS 70 (R12, L11, S17, W20), or equivalent

* All international academic qualifications are compared to the Australian Qualification Framework (AQF) and assessed in line with the National Office of Overseas Skills Recognition (NOOSR) Country Education Profiles (CEPs).

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