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I’m a Disney Cast Member- My Disney Adventure!


University was a success for me, not only did I complete my degree but being a Curtin University student also gave me the ability to apply for this internship with Walt Disney. University was my first step into adulthood. It set me up in becoming accountable for myself. As a university student I needed to be organised, hardworking and efficient with my time. Juggling a part time job and my degree at the same time was hard but these three skills have been what have got me through it.

I now work for Walt Disney and study with them too.
Disney has their own University, a place for all Cast Members (employees) to attend for training and seminars. Every new Cast Member must attend a day of training called “Traditions”. This is a day full of learning about the Walt Disney Company.

My Traditions started off with a big welcome from some Disney Cast members. Next we had an icebreaker quiz about Disney and the Disney characters, we even won prizes for having the correct answer! The quiz was a good way for us new Cast Members to feel more comfortable and less nervous. After this we watched some videos about the Walt Disney heritage. I learnt so much about Walt and the idea of Disney World.

The day then followed with a lot of important information about the Walt Disney Company and how to stay safe within the workplace. After learning everything possible about the Disney workplace we then took a tour around Magic Kingdom and got our named badges, delivered by Mickey himself. This was the beginning of a magical adventure.

I can’t wait to share this upcoming journey with you. I am going to have some good times and some bad times but that is what makes this journey ahead of me so exciting.

So stay tuned and don’t forget to have a magical day. ☺

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