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The Disney Dream – My Disney Adventure!

Jade Tallowin with Winne-The-Pooh

As of last Friday I have completed all four of my Disney seminar classes.

Disney is known for the “Disney way” of doing things and this is carried out with everything they do, including their classes.

The experience, the class atmosphere and the content I learnt are all different compared to what I am used to. For the last 15 years of my life I have studied. I went from primary school to high school and high school to university. These three stages of my life were all different experiences and I learnt many things from them but in some ways they were also the same. I expected my Disney series classes to be very similar to university, which they were, as students we walked in and sat down then listened to a lecture for about an hour and then we had some group discussions. But being Disney they had to have some originality to them. Each week we had a new guest speaker for every class. These guest speakers were people from all different areas within the company. They had many key insights as to how the company became successful and still strives to be today, as well as how we can become successful within the company ourselves.

Some of the guest speakers started on the College Program (Disney American Program) and some started working within a quick service location for the company. Some have left the company and came back and some have even moved on from working with Walt Disney. They say it depends on the person as to what they want out of the future and whether they see Disney in it or not.

Disney is all about believing in dreams.

Everybody has that one dream they want out of life, some may be career focused and some may be family focused. Or some may even be focused on just being happy. For me, my dream is career focused. I want to become successful within the advertising industry. I want to work for a major company like Disney in my future. I want a day to come where I am watching T.V or driving past a billboard and looking at an advertisement knowing I created it and thousand’s of other people are looking at it too!

I choose to take 4 Disney seminar series classes while I was here. These being: Disney Cast Engagement and Human resources, Disney Hospitality and Guess Service, Disney Marketing and Sales: Defining the strategy and Disney Marketing and Sales: Implementing the Strategy.

The reason I chose to take these classes while I was working for Walt Disney is to expand my education. I didn’t move a thousand miles away just to work within a Disney restaurant. As much as I love my job I moved this far to learn everything I could from Disney. I wanted to take classes in order to expand my knowledge about the different industries but also about how global companies like Walt Disney operates their company. From how Disney controls the amount of guests they have on a daily basis, to how they treat their employees and the true goals and values from the companies point of view.

As the end of my program is quickly approaching so is everything else. I have graduation next where I will receive my Certificate of Completion for my program and classes. I’m going to miss it here and the magic and dreams that is created by Disney. I’m going to miss seeing my favourite character Winnie the Pooh almost at least once a week but I am so ready to come home.

But for now from my favourite bear and I, believe in your dreams and strive for your very best. We only have a few weeks left on this journey so please stay with me for this last little stretch.

For now its good bye from my favourite yellow bear and I but don’t forget to have a magical day!

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