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Magic Moments – My Disney Adventure!


This has been a very emotional journey. Sometimes it can get rough but I just think about everything I am gaining from this experience.

Working for the Walt Disney Company definitely has it perks! Not only do we get free entry into the parks we also get free guess passes depending on the amount of hours we work. Within the last two months I’ve been given five free guess passes which can be used to allow 5 people into the park at no expense!

We also get exclusive backstage tours for different shows and attractions. Today I did a backstage tour of ‘Fanstamic’. IT WAS SO COOL! ‘Fanstamic’ is a night time show featuring characters like original Mickey Mouse, sorcerer Mickey Mouse, and steam boat willy to the prince and princess and the evil queens. This production is set on a island in the middle of a lake type area, with special effects from fireworks to water projections.

I always thought being backstage and learning how the “magic” is created would ruin the magic for me when I go to the parks, but truly it just adds to the experience! I love learning how Disney creates the “magic” and then seeing how that magic impacts Disney’s guests in their everyday lives. Most people spend thousands of dollars to take their families on a once in a lifetime holiday to Disney World. I’ve seen my fair amount of children who decide even though they’re in Disney World that they are still going to chuck tantrums and become the naughtiest child. But I also see children who are very thankful and understand how much time and money their parents spent in planning this trip for them.

As a cast member you get to create magical moments! Many magical moments happen each and every day within the Walt Disney property. At Chef Mickey’s we create a magical moment every night! We choose one family who will open the restaurant for us and be escorted to their table by Mickey Mouse.

The first evening shift I worked at Chef Mickey’s, I was given the opportunity to create a magical moment for a family. I chose a family who I thought could be the special family of the day. Then I was able to watch them. The way the children’s face lit up when they cut the rope and Mickey Mouse came out was just so special. They considered themselves very honoured to be our ‘family of the day’ which makes everything so much more magical.

Not every perk I receive as a Walt Disney cast member is about me actually gaining something personally. Some of the most magical moments I have witnessed and enjoyed watching is when guest’s holidays are impacted unexpectedly. You never know how much time and effort it took for a guest to get to Disney World, nor how much it cost them. You also don’t know how their day has been or how their holiday has been going for them. That’s why the most special times as a cast member, is creating those magical experiences for guests who really didn’t expect it, but are more than grateful for it.

Hopefully there are more magical moments to come but for now I hope you are enjoying reading these blogs as much as I am writing them.

Stay tuned for whatever shall come next. And remember to have a magical day ☺.

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