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Never give up! – My Disney Adventure

Jade Tallowin and Chaarachter from Inside out at Disney

I have finally reached the half way point of my program! At first I was extremely home sick. And talking to my friends and family back home just made it harder. There were many times I just wanted to pack up and leave but now I know it was a good decision to stay. I don’t seem to get as home sick anymore knowing I am now on the last couple of months of my program.

I have just started my second lot of Disney series classes. I’m now taking Guest Services and the second Disney Marketing seminar series. Once my classes finish I will have four weeks left and I will be home. 

This hasn’t been an easy journey but it has been a very successful one.

For anyone who’s planning on moving across the country to work or study I have one key tip for you. “Don’t give up on the people back home or the people you’re about to meet, they are all just as important to help you get through it!”

I can’t thank my friends and family enough back home for supporting me with this opportunity but for also listening to me at least once a week cry and want to give up. It’s because of them I stuck it out and believed in myself – that I could make it. With that said it is also because of the family I have made here in the United States. Most of the people you will be around are in the same boat as you, so they understand that you’re going to have rough days and so do they. 

One of the best nights I’ve had so far with my USA family is Easter Sunday. We all came together and had a little Easter celebration. We decorated the apartment, the Australians made the food that we’d usually eat at Easter time and the Americans made food they would usually eat and we all just sat around and celebrated Easter together as a family. 

I can’t wait to see how these last two months play out for me. So, stay with me for this last little bit and don’t forget to have a magical day!!

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