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What is Curtin like?

Curtin University is a self-contained, student-orientated locality with many services and facilities available on-campus. Curtin College students are welcome to join in many aspects of university life and can become associate members of the Curtin Guild.

The Perth campus is a place of inspiration and innovation, with technology-rich learning spaces and many opportunities to meet new people. The campus is welcoming and designed to ensure your your university experience is rich and diverse.

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Library and Information Services

The Robertson Library is at the heart of the campus and houses the latest research technology and academic resources providing access to a vast collection of learning materials and a technology-rich environment where you can collaborate with other students.

Curtin Robertson Library

Safety and Security

Curtin security provide 24-hour support every day of the year. Buildings are only accessed via security cards and students can take advantage of the Safezone Student App. It’s one less thing to worry about.

Safezone App

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Social Clubs and Events

Curtin College students enjoy the Curtin University experience right from the start. In addition to all that Curtin University has to offer, the College has a thriving social calendar with regular events and experiences available to all students.

The Curtin Student Guild has an extensive list of clubs and societies for Curtin students, who can join as Associate Members (for a small fee) at the Guild Office on campus. You are eligible to transition to Full Member status once you articulate to Curtin University.

Students in '007' mode at the Curtin College Ball!

Students in costume at the Curtin College Ball!

Curtin Stadium

Curtin Stadium offers a variety of fitness and sporting options catering for all levels of skills and experience, and is located on the Curtin Campus. Improve your fitness in the gym or choose from an array of team sports including cricket, tennis, football, basketball and volleyball.


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Arts, Movies and Performances

Watch stage performances at the Hayman Theatre, enjoy a movie at the outdoor cinema or visit the John Curtin Gallery to explore global perspectives on contemporary art.

Adding to the vibrancy and street culture on campus, each week the Explore Curtin Performance program brings on-campus entertainment, from circus stilt walkers and caricature sketchers to stand-up comedians and musical extravaganzas.

Explore Curtin

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