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Curtin College is your direct pathway to a respected bachelor's and master's degree at Western Australia's largest prestigious university.

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Since 2000, more than 12,500 of our students have realised their dreams of obtaining a Curtin University degree. Start your journey at Curtin College today.

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Your direct pathway to Curtin University

Curtin College is your direct path into the second year of a bachelor’s degree at Curtin University. Our Diploma courses are the equivalent to first year studies, so you can get the support you need to successfully progress into your second year at uni.

We are based on campus at Curtin University in Perth, so you'll be immersed in university life from day one. As a Curtin College student, you’ll be able to participate in all uni events, join clubs and access the full range of campus facilities and services.

With 1,250 students from over 40 different countries, you can expect a culturally diverse, welcoming and inclusive environment. 

Learn more about the campus.

Curtin College is located in Building 420 on Curtin University’s Bentley Campus.

You can visit us from Monday to Friday between 8.00AM and 4.00PM or send us an email via info@curtincollege.edu.au.

Curtin College also partners with Curtin Singapore to deliver pathway programs to Curtin University’s global campus in Singapore. Find out more about studying at Curtin Singapore.

With intakes in March, June and October, get started when it suits you and fast-track your tertiary studies. 

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Owned by Navitas Pty Limited, Curtin College sits comfortably within the University Partnerships Australiasia division and enjoys being part of a globally diverse and sustainable corporation that is a trusted leader in the Education sector.

Shaping a better future

Vision, Mission, Values & Principles


We transform lives through education


We deliver outstanding teaching and learning outcomes to support our students in their progress to Curtin University.


Drive    We demonstrate DRIVE by achieving and advancing together

Adventurous    We are ADVENTUROUS in mind and spirit.

Conviction    We have CONVICTION to our purpose and potential

Genuine    We are GENUINE in the way we behave and deliver

Rigour    We demonstrate RIGOUR in enhancing our professional reputation and credibility

Respect    We show RESPECT by celebrating, valuing and caring for people and the environment.

College Principles

  • We pride ourselves in putting students and academic outcomes first.
  • We deliver outstanding service to students, customers, channel partners and stakeholders.
  • We are respectful and courteous in our communication.
  • We empower team members to do the right thing and take collective ownership and responsibility to make this the best place to work and study.
  • We support the professional development and career aspirations of our staff.
  • We are an inclusive collegiate community where all voices are heard and where ideas are debated in the spirit of open academic enquiry.
  • We acknowledge the Wadjuk people of the Noongar Nation as the custodians of the land where we work and learn, and we take pride in its unique past, present and future as a connecting point between the Indian Ocean world and the Asia-Pacific.
  • We are welcoming of all staff, students and visitors to the college and work to ensure a supportive, positive and respectful work and study environment: we welcome all ages, all cultures, all genders, all beliefs, all abilities, all sexualities, all peoples.


Unmatched support for your first year

We’re here to support you, all the way

We purposely keep our class sizes small so your voice can be heard and your needs met. With approximately 25 students in each class, our teachers are able to give the best possible support and attention to each individual student.

But it’s not only your academic needs we’ll focus on. We pride ourselves on the support we offer to make your time at Curtin College as stress-free as possible. Access a range of support services and facilities – from study assistance to counselling and advice – to help make your transition a successful one. Learn more about support at Curtin College.

Still have questions? Check out our list of Frequently Asked Questions or click below to get in touch with our team. 

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We offer courses in architecture & construction, commerce, communication, design & arts, computer science & IT, engineering and health sciences, with three possible entry levels. Find your path here.


Owned by Navitas Pty Limited, Curtin College sits comfortably within the University Partnerships Australasia division and enjoys being part of a globally diverse and sustainable corporation that is a trusted leader in the Education sector.