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Accessibility and Inclusion at Curtin College

Whether you have a disability or you’re caring for someone with one, access a range of support services to help you succeed.

Support for Students with Accessibility Needs

We’re committed to creating an environment of safety, dignity and respect

At Curtin College, we recognise that students have a variety of learning needs, and we are committed to providing a wide range of support mechanisms to allow all students fair and equitable access to learning,  and the opportunity to participate equally in their studies.

Everyone’s experience of disability is unique, and we aim to create a tailored plan for eligible students that request support. If you have an accessibility need that is impacting your ability to perform academic tasks on any level, please read the Accessibility and Inclusion Factsheet for students  to learn more about our provision.

The Learning Access Plan Application Procedure

Disability & accessibility at Curtin

If you have read the factsheet and wish to proceed with the Learning Access Plan (LAP) application, you can book an appointment with the Student Learning Advisor here to discuss your situation and your next steps.

The procedure for securing a Learning Access Plan is outlined below:

Feel free to send an email to the Curtin College Accessibility and Inclusion team if you have any inquiries or questions:

Learning access plan process students

Additional Support

You can also book an appointment with the Student Learning Advisor if you need assistance or support with academic tasks (assignment requirements, academic writing, referencing, English language support, etc)

Curtin College also has a Student Counsellor who can provide free short term counselling support. Our Student Counsellor can provide support, advocacy and assist in the event of a personal crisis or emergency. You can book a private, confidential appointment with the Student Counsellor.

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