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Transferring to Curtin University

Transferring to Curtin University

Upon successful completion of your Curtin College Diploma, you are eligible for entry into second year of the relevant Curtin University undergraduate degree, provided you have met the minimum entry requirements into that degree.

STEP 1 – Meet the entry requirements

  • You will need to meet the entry requirements to your Curtin University degree by successfully completing your Curtin College studies.
  • There may be other entry requirements specific to your Bachelor program including course weighted average, you can find these in your Letter of Offer. Study hard and always look towards the end goal of your dream career.

STEP 2 – Accept your conditional offer and make payment

  • During your final study period at Curtin College, you will receive a conditional offer for your place at Curtin University.
  • Follow the instructions in this letter to accept your place at Curtin University.
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