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Student Visa Work Rights

Make sure you are aware of the specific rules that could impact your working hours on a student visa.

Visa work restrictions

Keep working hours under 48 per fortnight

As an international student on a student visa, you are limited to 48 hours of work per fortnight during semester and unlimited hours during holidays. You won’t be able to work until after your course has commenced.

If you have dependent family members included on your student visa, they are also eligible to work.

Make sure you are aware of all the working conditions for international students on the Australian Government’s Department of Home Affairs website.

Your Tax File Number

How to get a Tax File Number (TFN)

If you are working in Australia, you will need a Tax File Number (TFN) so that your employer can pay you and you can pay the right amount of tax. This is a number – unique to you – that stays the same even if you change your job, personal details or residency status.

When you start work, your employer will ask you to fill out a Tax File Number declaration to provide them with your TFN.

Apply for a TFN on the Australian Taxation Office website

Your rights at work

Everyone is protected by workers’ rights

Everyone who works in Australia, including international students, is protected by a set of workers’ rights. For example, it is illegal for an employer to pay you in cash with no payslip. Other rights include working in safe conditions, being paid the correct rate and feeling comfortable at your workplace.

Find out more about your rights at work

Taxation in Australia

Claim your tax benefits

If you’re enrolled to study at Curtin College, you will be regarded as an Australian resident for tax purposes. This means:

  • you pay tax on your earnings at the same rate as other residents
  • you are entitled to the benefits of the Australian tax system, such as the tax-free threshold (or part of it, if you’re here for only part of the financial year)
  • tax offsets
  • generally lower tax rates than a foreign resident.

It is important that you provide your employer with your Tax File Number and that you receive payslips detailing the amount you have earned and the tax you have paid.

Find out more about taxation in Australia

Rights & responsibilities

Know your rights as an international student

The Australian Government’s Education Services for Overseas Students Act, or ESOS Act, provides consumer protection for international students on a student visa, aims to enhance the quality of the student experience and protects the student visa program.

Your rights and responsibilities as an international student under the ESOS Act

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