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Australian students: Your journey

Let's look at the key milestones you’ll go through as you prepare to start an exciting new chapter at Curtin College.

Step 1

Discover and decide

Learn everything you can about Curtin College and Curtin University to understand why it’s the right choice for you. Visit our About page to find this information and more, including frequently asked questions from other students who have been in your position before.

Explore the campus and facilities to see where you’ll be spending your time, and get to know Perth a little better if you’re new to the city.

Now is also the time to decide on the course you’ll study. Maybe you’ve already got a career or job outcome in mind, or you know the degree you’d like to study. Visit our Courses page to find out which diploma provides the right path into that degree – or if you simply want to browse all the available options.

Step 2

Complete your application

Once you have decided on your course, it’s time to apply! Make sure to check all the entry requirements for your course, then complete an application either online or in-person. You’ll need to provide copies of all required entry documentation at this stage.

View entry requirements

Step 3

Accept your offer and pay tuition fees

Once you have received your Letter of Offer, follow the steps on this page to accept it and pay your tuition fees.

On receipt of the fees, your place at Curtin College will be confirmed and it will be deemed that you have accepted all the terms and conditions or enrolment.

In most cases, your Letter of Offer will be packaged with an offer from Curtin University.

Once you have accepted your offer and paid your fees, you’ll receive your electronic Confirmations of Enrolments (eCoEs) for your courses at Curtin College and Curtin University.

Once you have received an eCoE for all your courses, you are ready to proceed to the next step!

Step 4

Arrange your accommodation

It’s important you have arranged a place to live before you arrive in Perth – that is, if you don’t already live in Perth, in which case you can skip this step! There are plenty of on-campus and off-campus accommodation options to choose from, and newcomers to Perth will be given priority.

Visit the Accommodation page for more information about finding somewhere to live.

Step 5

Welcome to your Orientation!

Your time at Curtin College starts with Orientation. Be ready for an activity-packed first day where you can meet your fellow students and new friends.

Connect with Curtin College students on the official Facebook page and discover what College life has in store for you on our ‘A day in the life’ page.

That’s everything! We’ll see you at Orientation!

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