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Campus group of females reading books

Support at Curtin

At Curtin College, we take care of you. From academic support to counselling and wellbeing, you're in good hands.

Get the right support

Support is vital to the success of your studies

At Curtin College, we value respect and are committed to promoting equity, inclusion and diversity. Our staff are dedicated to empowering every student to meet the demands of university study.

Curtin College provides the following services to assist you to attain academic success and transition into your new student life.

Support services

Campus group reading books

Academic support

Meet your support network – our Student and Academic Service Officers are here to help you succeed.

Off campus male counsellor talking to student

Counselling services

Our Student Counsellors provide confidential help and support on an individual level to ensure students’ wellbeing.

Off campus female on wheelchair reaching for books

Accessibility and Inclusion

We’re committed to providing a learning environment that promotes dignity and an awareness of students’ needs and rights.

Campus female getting blood pressure

Medical centre

Take care of your health and wellbeing with access to private and confidential medical services on campus.

Off campus group holding hands

Multifaith chaplaincy

Curtin University’s multifaith chaplaincy provides compassionate support to all students, regardless of their beliefs.

Campus female raising arms against wall

Student wellbeing

Access tips for a healthy body and mind, along with important resources for crisis support and sexual harassment.

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