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Curtin College offers a range of qualifications leading to the second year of selected Curtin bachelor degrees. The Curtin College Diploma is two years in total. It has two stages: Diploma (Stage 1) and Diploma (Stage 2). Where you start will depend on your qualifications.

Study areas include;

  • Architecture, Construction & Built Environment >
  • Business & Commerce >
  • Communications, Design & Arts >
  • Engineering >
  • Health Sciences >
  • Computer Science & Information Technology >





Pre-University Level

(For students who have completed Year 11 or equivalent)

Diploma (Stage 1)

Students who are not eligible for entry into the Stage 2 Diploma may complete the Stage 1 Diploma prior. 8 pre-university level units are studied over two or three trimesters. Course-specific units must be completed along with core units.

Progression to Stage 2 Diploma requires the achievement of qualifying grades varying from 50% to 65%.

If you have successfully completed year 12 or equivalent, you may be eligible for direct entry into Stage 2 Diploma, which is equivalent to the first year of the corresponding Bachelor Degree.

University Level

(For students who have completed Year 12 or equivalent)

Diploma (Stage 2)

The Diploma (Stage 2) consists of 8 or 9 university level units studied over 2-3 study periods,* and has the same course content and structure as year one of the corresponding Curtin University undergraduate degree.

Students who successfully complete a Curtin College Diploma (Stage 2), and who have met the minimum academic entry requirements, are able to enter the corresponding undergraduate degree at Curtin University with advanced standing.

The Two Stage Diploma | How Does It Work?


Diploma (Stage 1)

Students studying Stage 1 Diplomas will follow the Trimester system, by which the academic year is divided into three 13-week trimesters as follows:

  • Trimester 1: March to June
  • Trimester 2: July to October
  • Trimester 3: November to February

After completion of the Diploma (Stage 1), students will transition into Diploma (Stage 2).

Note: In exceptional circumstances, students may enroll in Stage 1 and Stage 2 units at the same time with the prior approval of the Academic Director.

Diploma (Stage 2)

For Stage 2 Diplomas of Health Sciences, Engineering and Information Technology, the academic year at the College follows the Curtin University semester structure:

  • Semester 1: March to June
  • Semester 2: August to November

All other Diplomas (Stage 2) retain the trimester system.

After completion of Diploma (Stage 2), students will transition into second year at Curtin University where all students follow the semester structure.

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If you have…

✓ Completed Year 12 with an ATAR (or the equivalent in your country).

Diploma (Stage 2)

8 university level units studied over 2-3 trimesters. Equivalent to Year 1 of the corresponding Curtin degree.

Direct Entry into Year 2 at Curtin University

Or if you have…

✓ Completed Year 11 (or the equivalent in your country).

Diploma (Stage 1)

8 pre-university level units are studied over 2-3 trimesters.

Diploma (Stage 2)

Equivalent to year 1 of the corresponding Curtin Bachelor Degree.