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Academic support services

Meet your support network – our Student and Academic Service Officers, Program Coordinators, and Academic Peers are here for you.

Need counselling?

If you’re struggling with the transition to student life, know that you don’t ever have to go through it alone. Learn more about counselling services offered to Curtin College students.

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Ensure a smooth transition

Meet your Student and Academic Service Officers

Our full support network, free classes and workshops are all available to you during your time studying with us.

Student and Academic Service Officers provide wellbeing support and general advice to all Curtin College students. They will support you as you make the transition to living and studying away from home, and in the university environment.

Each new student also has access to a Student Mentor. Student Mentors can share their experiences to help you navigate any challenges you may face as a new student. They’ve recently been through it themselves!

Contact Student and Academic Services

Academic Peers Program

Learn from your high-achieving peers

Academic Peers are students who have achieved high grades in one or more units and who have volunteered to help other students. Unit-specific Peers are identified, and their details are made available on Moodle to students enrolled in that unit.

Students who want assistance can contact Academic Peers directly via their Curtin College email address. Academic Peers may also assist with study groups; the college may organise study groups if there is a large number of students needing help with a unit.

Additional support

Benefit from these additional support services

Program Managers in each discipline are available to meet and discuss your study plans and progress during your time at the College. They can provide invaluable advice to help you achieve academic progress in your course.

The transition to higher education can be a challenging one, requiring an academic skill set that might be unfamiliar to many students, including referencing and citation, presentation skills, academic writing, critical thinking skills and many more.

Through interactive workshops, in-class drop-in sessions, or free 1-on-1 appointments available to all Curtin College students, our dedicated Student Learning Advisor can support you with your academic inquiries at all stages of your study period.

Bookings can be made via the Study Kiosk.

The English Language Support Program (ELSP) in Stage 1 and Academic Language Enrichment Program (ALEP) in Stage 2 Diploma, aims to support students in developing appropriate academic literacy skills as they complete the Diploma program at Curtin College. These skills will serve them as they progress to Curtin University to complete the undergraduate degree. The program runs for 10 weeks. It is tailored to support students in developing writing and literacy skills within the discipline. These include, but not limited to, discipline specific and academic language, academic writing, referencing and oral presentation. Classes will be delivered online in a synchronous and asynchronous pattern, in alternating weeks.

The Post English Language Assessment (PELA) is a short diagnostic exercise that Curtin College students are expected to complete, and it is compulsory for ALL students. The purpose of this diagnostic test is to identify students who require additional English language support. Stage 1 students with a score of 5.0 and below will be enrolled in the English Support Program (ESP). Stage 2 students with a score of 6.0 (Health Science and Humanities) or 5.5 (Engineering, Information Technology and Commerce) and below will be enrolled into the Academic Language Enrichment Program (ALEP).

The NUCOM unit is a support unit to help nursing students enrolled in the Nursing Clinical Skills unit develop their clinical communication capabilities. HECOM is offered for stage 2 Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy and Exercise Sport Science students for the same purpose. Both support units are offered free of charge for students.

Curtin College Summer school is designed for students who have failed the following units: Integrated Systems Anatomy & Physiology (HUMB1001/ISA1001S), Foundations of Biostatistics and Epidemiology (EPID1000/EPD1000), Human Structure and Function (HUMB1000/HSF1000) or Indigenous Cultures and Health Behaviours (INDH1006/ICHB1006).

For more information – download flyer.

On Track to Success is a specialised program that arms students with the tools and strategies to improve their study habits and learning. It is offered to students with academic conditions to help with study skills and habits, identify their strengths, and determine study skills that might need improving. Students can then access a range of study tips and videos that will help them develop and improve those skills – and get On Track to Success!

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