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Off campus group playing pool

Get social at Curtin

With over 100 clubs and societies to choose from, find one that's right for you and watch your social calendar fill up!

Sports more your thing?

There are so many ways to get active on and around campus, including team sports, fitness classes and more. Find out about sports and recreation at Curtin College.

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Social clubs & events

Enjoy the full Curtin University experience from day one

In addition to all that Curtin University has to offer, the College has a thriving social calendar with regular events and experiences available to all students.

The Curtin Student Guild has an extensive list of clubs and societies for students – there are more than 100 academic, special interest, religious, issues-based, and international clubs.

The Guild plays host to regular on-campus events such as trivia and games nights – even a glamorous annual ball!

Curtin College students can join the Guild as Associate Members (for a small fee) at the Guild Office on campus. You are eligible to transition to Full Member status once you articulate to Curtin University.

Learn more about the Curtin Student Guild.

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