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Multifaith Services

Meet a specialised team of qualified individuals who can help you meet your spiritual needs in meaningful and practical ways.

Faith-based support

Supporting your spiritual wellbeing

Curtin University’s Multifaith Services provide you with a safe space to practice your faith or talk in confidence with one of Curtin’s qualified chaplains. Curtin offers a range of faith-based support services, including:

  • Referrals to Curtin-based chaplains for specialised support in relation to a specific faith
  • Connecting you with faith-based clubs and societies (run by students for students) so you can meet peers of your faith
  • Religious events and services on and off campus
  • Spiritual spaces on campus
  • Religious equity support
  • Multifaith officer to support and advise on spiritual concerns

Multifaith facilities on campus

Find a quiet place for religious or spiritual reflection

Curtin University provides facilities to the Curtin community reserved for spiritual or religious purposes. Facilities include Muslim prayer rooms and multifaith rooms for places of worship for all students and staff, regardless of religious belief.

There are three faith facilities currently available on the Perth Campus:

  • Muslim Musalla
  • Prayer and Meditation Room
  • The Spiritual Garden

Learn more about Curtin’s multifaith facilities

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