Indigenous Cultures & Health Behaviours (ICHB1006)


Credit: 25

In this unit students will examine culture and diversity within local, national and global Indigenous populations; impacts of specific policies and historical events on Indigenous Australians and the effects of these policies on health, illness and disability, and health care access. Applying theories of health behaviour students will analyse health outcomes of Indigenous Australians and explore underlying social, environmental, psychological and biological determinants. Within a primary health care model, students will explore how health professionals can work inter-professionally and in partnership with Indigenous individuals, families, communities and organisations.

Delivery Mode

Semester 1Semester 2
Face-to-face (on campus)Face-to-face (on campus)

Tuition Patterns

The tuition pattern provides details of the types of classes and their duration. This is to be used as a guide only. Precise information is included in the unit outline.

Workshop3 hours weekly
Individual Study3 hours weekly


What are prerequisites?

Prerequisites are courses or units that must be completed or admitted into before enrolling in this unit.

Succesful completion of one of the following:

FPHP1000Foundations for Professional Health Practice
FBP1004Foundations of Bioscience Practice