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Foundations of Biochemistry (BCC2000S/BCCB2000)

Unit NOT AVAILABLE for online delivery.

Service Taught Unit

Service Taught UnitsĀ are units where Curtin College students join Curtin University students in the same classroom. Such units are taught by university staff and Curtin College students will be enrolled as Curtin University students. Curtin University Policies and Processes will apply to these units.


Credit: 25

This unit covers both theoretical and practical aspects of biochemistry. Structure and properties of water. Concepts of pH, pK and buffers. Molecular structure and chemical bonds. Properties, structures and functions of amino acids, lipids, carbohydrates and nucleic acids.

Structure and function of globular and fibrous proteins. Concepts and properties of enzymes including enzyme kinetics. Overview and concepts of biological thermodynamics, energy metabolism and metabolic pathways.

Intermediary metabolism including metabolic pathways of glycolysis, citric acid cycle, pentose phosphate pathway, gluconeogenesis, amino acid metabolism, fatty acid metabolism, ketone body metabolism, oxidative phosphorylation and electron transport. Molecular visualisation of proteins. Practical skills and techniques. Using scientific instruments and analysing scientific data.

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What are prerequisites?

Prerequisites are courses or units that must be completed or admitted into before enrolling in this unit.

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