Disability support

Whether you have a disability or you’re caring for someone with one, access a range of support services to help you succeed.

Reasonable adjustment

We’re committed to creating an environment of safety, dignity and respect

We recognise the diversity of learning and psychosocial needs of our students, and The College is committed to providing students the opportunity to progress and flourish. 

For students with a disability; psychosocial factors; a learning and/or mental health challenge that may impact their studies, Reasonable Adjustment can be provided to enable students to participate and achieve their potential.

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Some examples of Reasonable Adjustment include automatic extensions on assignments; additional time in exams; alternative exam arrangements (smaller room); automatic approval of deferred exams; permission to record lectures subject; and leniency on spelling and grammar.

The Student Counsellor can facilitate Reasonable Adjustment by providing a Learning Access Plan (LAP) to eligible students. Any information shared will be treated sensitively, and we acknowledge the right to privacy and confidentiality.

Students enrolled in the Diploma of Health Science can access Reasonable Adjustment for Service Taught Units (units that are delivered by the University within the Diploma) by contacting Curtin University’s Accessibility service.  

Curtin AccessAbility

Disability & accessibility at Curtin

If you have a disability or health condition that could impact your studies, you can access a range of support services through Curtin AccessAbility. If you have a caring role for a relative or friend with a disability, you could also be eligible for support.

We encourage you to provide Curtin College with information regarding the nature of your disability and special needs during the application and enrolment process, so we can assess your support needs and ensure that you are able to succeed in your studies. 

Curtin AccessAbility provides services for students where the impacts of a disability affect their studies and their student experience. The AccessAbility advisors can work with you to develop a Curtin Access Plan (CAP), a document outlining the support that will meet your individual needs. We acknowledge all students’ rights to privacy, and all information shared is completely confidential.

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This service is available to all eligible students upon progression to Curtin University.